5 Day Jumpstart Your Gut

Revitalize your gut and rejuvenate your well-being with our 5 day Jumpstart Your Gut program.


Indulge in a home retreat where productivity meets relaxation — limit work to no more than 4 hours a day for optimal results.


Kickstart your transformation with:

An initial 1-hour consultation to pinpoint foods, self-care practices, and emotions to omit or replace, tailored specifically to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Ideal if this is done in advance to align our schedules.

Three invigorating sessions in one week, featuring infrared sauna sessions, colonics, ozone therapy, and regular check-in consultations.


We will choose together what food plan is most ideal for you, all gluten-free:

Food Plan A: Embrace a vegan, no-fat approach to fuel your body with wholesome goodness.

Food Plan B: Delight in bone broth, keto delicacies, and yogurt for a satisfying, nourishing experience.

Food Plan C: Dive into a histamine, FODMAPs, microbiome-focused or combination menu for gut-loving goodness.


Enhance your experience with optional add-ons, including:


Discounts on more colon hydrotherapy sessions, ozone therapies, infrared sauna sessions, and additional check-in consultations/ guidance.

Liver Flush: Conclude your 5 days with an optional liver purge.

Liver Detox: Opt for our specialized liver detoxification process, promoting phase I & II of biotransformation.


Ready to revitalize your gut health and elevate your well-being? Book your discovery call today and embark on a journey to radiant health and vitality!


This program and options with it are exclusively available to individuals who meet our health criteria.