11 Day Colon Care Cleanse

Benefits of this program:


    • A guided 11 day colon reset to nurture your lumen (lining of your colon), balance your weight, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation.

    • A complete SMART Foods List & self care recommendations based on our consultations, your goals, and blood testing.

    • Coaching on how to navigate your day in the healthiest way possible from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

    •  I will share the exact tools that I use in my home so that you can turn your home into a healing sanctuary for your entire family.

    • Timeless practices that you and your family can easily implement immediately.

    • 11 days of a Fiber Drink & colon stimulator supplement  

    • I will coach you every step of the way on your journey and you will have direct access to me.

    • I intend to take the best of what I’ve learned working with & coaching thousands of clients & training with the top experts on the planet.

    • I will make your health journey a pleasant and uplifting process with deeper somatic wisdom & undeniable results.

Program Delivery

1. Setup a consultation with Darlene & complete your preliminary intake forms

2. Receive follow up emails that remind you of what to expect, the SMART Foods List, & an invite to join Practice Better where you can activate your portal account to then make your payment (or installment, if needed) & be added into the program. Email coming soon from Ms Darlene J Weiss.

3. Further directions on getting lab work will be given after payment is processed 

4. You will then be invited into the program where you will find a few more forms to fill out, more information about what you are doing, & modules that go into more details 

5. Throughout the 11 days you will come into Living Waters for 6-9 sessions that includes infrared sauna use, colon hydrotherapy, & ozone implant. Please schedule these in advance on the portal to most align our schedules. Each appointment will be at Living Waters & take an hour & a half.

6. The beginning & end of the cleanse will be your transition in & out days where you adjust portion control, the quality of what you consume & integrate into & out of a cleansing lifestyle. The middle 5 days are designing to be the actual cleanse where you will be consuming more Fiber Drinks (4-5 a day), as well as taking more time for rest & your emotions as needed. Broths, juices, herbal teas, green tea & SMART Foods are advised throughout the 11 days. Should we choose for you to embark on the 44 day Total Transformation more directions will be given.

6. Unlimited messaging support and guidance with your coach (me)


Complete Metabolic Panel (10-12 hours of fasting needed) at Quest Diagnostic. Make this appointment once the payment & lab referral is confirmed.


We will further detail how these supplements all go down but for now here’s idea.


    1. Fiber Drink: You will consume this once a day after dinner during the transition in & out phases. 4-5 times a day during the middle cleanse days.

    1. Colon Stimulator: You will take a capsule or two during the transition in & out phases before dinner. During the middle cleanse days you will take this at night before bedtime

Self Care Toolkit & Cleansing Map

These documents emphasize that self care is necessary for such programs. True health isn’t just about what you eat but how you take care of yourself & others. This is where self-care gets clinical.

New client welcome package

 You agree to:

● follow the outlined recommendations based on your goals and labs

● reach out for help when you need it

● Check in with Darlene regularly

● complete the lab testing promptly

● invest in the recommended tools to improve your home health and environment

● engage in light physical activity to promote your wellness

● embrace new concepts

● read/listen/watch the suggested modules and videos

● complete your forms and schedule your appointments promptly

Limited to 4 spots at any one time.

To hear more about pricing & apply for this program set up a Discovery Call under Book Online.

Guarantee: If you are chosen for this program, I guarantee that your health and life will be transformed positively, and do whatever it takes to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


Darlene J. Weiss


Living Waters

Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Sauna, Ozone, Colon Hydrotherapy