44 Day Total Transformation

Unveil Your Total Transformation Journey! 

Embark on a holistic rejuvenation experience with our 44-Day Total Transformation program, commencing with any of our renowned programs. This foundational cleanse sets the stage for a comprehensive journey towards fortifying your microbiome, enhancing immune resilience, optimizing gut health, nurturing mental well-being, & igniting your overall vitality.


Program Highlights:


Seamless Transition: Effortlessly transition from a Living Waters program into an immersive 44-day experience meticulously designed to elevate every aspect of your well-being.


Tailored Guidance: Benefit from personalized coaching and clinical insights tailored to your unique goals, guided by our extensive consultations & blood testing. Scheduled 20 minute consultations in week one with 3 scheduled 20 minutes consultations for week 2-7.


SMART Foods & Lifestyle Recommendations: Access a complete SMART Foods List & expert self-care recommendations to navigate each day with vitality and mindfulness, optimizing your health from sunrise to sunset.


Home Healing Sanctuary: Unlock the secrets to transforming your home into a nurturing sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones, utilizing proven tools and timeless practices shared directly from our home to yours.


Expert Support: Enjoy unwavering support and guidance every step of the way, with direct access to our seasoned expert who draws from years of experience coaching & training with top experts worldwide.


Clinical Wisdom & Results: Harness the collective wisdom gained from working with thousands of clients and training with leading professionals, ensuring your health journey is both enriching & impactful, yielding undeniable results.


Effortless Program Delivery: Streamlined setup and access to our comprehensive program via our user-friendly portal, ensuring a seamless experience from consultation to completion.


Program Delivery:


Complete your intake forms and schedule a consultation with Darlene.

Receive follow-up emails with an invite to join Practice Better, program details, and the SMART Foods List.

After payment, receive directions for lab work.

Access the program on Practice Better, complete remaining forms, and delve into detailed modules.

In-Person Sessions & Virtual Support: Benefit from a blend of in-person and virtual support, throughout the program duration.

Customized Journey: Tailor your experience with personalized assessments, supplement protocols, & a self-care toolkit to enhance your program efficacy and longevity. This is where self-care gets clinical.



Complete Metabolic Panel (Quest Diagnostics) to unveil valuable insights into your metabolic health, paving the way for targeted interventions & optimization.



Customized supplement protocols focused on liver, kidney, microbiome, and immune health, designed to complement your program & optimize your results.


Self-Care Toolkit & Cleansing Map:

Empower yourself with clinical-grade self-care tools and a comprehensive cleansing map, ensuring your journey to wellness transcends mere nutrition & embraces holistic well-being.


By joining, you agree to:

Follow outlined recommendations.

Reach out for assistance when needed.

Promptly complete lab testing and schedule appointments while also honoring the Living Waters 24 hour cancellation policy 

Invest in recommended tools for home health.

Engage in light physical activity.

Embrace new concepts and educational materials.


Tap into the power of our 44 day Total Transformation program and redefine your health journey with confidence, vitality, and lasting results. Take the first step towards a radiant, revitalized you!


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Guarantee: If you are chosen for this program, I guarantee that your health and life will be transformed positively, and do whatever it takes to ensure your expectations are exceeded.